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Overdraft Services

Having insufficient funds in your account can put you at risk for bouncing checks or having your ATM/Debit Card transactions denied at a gas station or store.  Farmers Bank has several options for making smart decisions about managing your overdrafts.

Courtesy Select & Courtesy Select PLUS*

Rather than returning your checks or electronic transactions when you have insufficient funds, Farmers Bank will strive to pay reasonable overdrafts for you.  We only offer this service to customers who keep their accounts in good standing.**

  • Pays checks and electronic transactions when your balance is insufficient to cover presented items
  • Prevents retailers’ returned check fees
  • Provides emergency access to cash
  • Standard overdraft fee applies
  • * Opt in to include your one time ATM/POS transactions
  • **Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay.  For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, or you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.

Transfer from Other Farmers Bank Accounts

You designate a backup checking or savings account to cover overdrafts.  The transfer will be in the exact amount needed to cover your overdraft items, plus a small transfer fee.  The amount of the overdraft transfer is limited by the available balance in your designated account.

  • Automatically transfers funds from your backup account to cover overdrafts
  • Prevents retailers’ returned check fees
  • Our most economical overdraft service

Chequeline Overdraft Protection

Our Overdraft Line of Credit provides funds, in increments of $100, that automatically transfers into your checking account when needed.  Farmers Bank charges a small advance fee and a finance charge on the amount transferred.

  • Automatically transfers funds as needed from a line of credit to cover overdrafts
  • Prevents retailers’ returned check fees
  • Avoids higher overdraft fees


Please contact your local branch for additional details or to sign up for any of our overdraft products.

Features Courtesy Select & Courtesy Select PLUS Transfer From Another Farmers Bank Account Chequeline Overdraft Protection No Overdraft Protection
How does it work? Bank pays overdraft transaction(s) on your behalf. Funds are transferred from an account you designate to cover overdraft transactions. Line of credit that covers overdraft transactions. Checks may be returned and retailer returned check fees may apply. When you do not have enough money in your account, ATM and Debit Card transactions will be declined.
Associated Fee*** $35 per item $10 per transfer $10 per transfer $35 for each returned check or item returned for insufficient funds.
What Overdrafts are covered? Covers up to a predetermined dollar amount (No set up fee). Covers up to amount available in your designated account (No setup fee). Covers up to amount available on your line of credit (No setup fee). None
Limitations Courtesy Select is subject to bank approval.Courtesy Select PLUS requires Opt In for consumer accounts. Transfer amount is limited by amount available in your account (s). Overdraft line of credit is subject to approval. You will have no overdraft protection to pay your checks or authorize your ATM and Debit Card transactions when your balance runs low. This will result in fees for insufficient funds plus any retailer returned check fees.
Benefits Saves the high cost of returned check fees charged by retailers.Provides emergency funds for check, ATM**** and Debit Card**** transactions when there is not enough money in your account. Since overdrafts are paid with funds from your account(s), you only pay one small transfer fee versus higher overdraft fees for each overdraft item. Since overdrafts are paid from your line of credit, you pay a small transfer fee plus a finance charge on the amount advanced versus higher overdraft fees for each item.  
Repayment Terms You repay the overdraft balance including fees by making an immediate deposit. None Pay off the entire amount or make minimum monthly payments. The monthly payment is 3% of the outstanding balance or $25 – whichever is greater. You may pay the retailer for the amount of any returned checks plus any returned check fees.
  • *** All fees associated with consumer accounts are subject to change with proper notice.
  • ****Requires customer authorization.
Lost or stolen card? Call the Farmers Bank Debit Card Hotline: 1-888-297-3416

Lost or stolen card? Call the Farmers Bank Debit Card Hotline: 1-888-297-3416
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